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Unlimited opportunities

Continental Business Consulting offers career perspectives for all entry levels. If Associate, Consultant or Senior, everyone is given the opportunity to grow. A transparent career stage model, comprehensive training opportunities and mentoring trough well-experienced colleagues enable individual development paths. The collaboration among all CBC colleagues is based on mutual appreciation and support.

If you do not find what you are looking for in our job portal, please contact us and obtain more information about open vacancies and the possibility for Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis.

Latest Job Openings

Functional Safety Manager - Frankfurt, GER

Consultant für agile Produktentwicklung - Frankfurt, GER

Senior Operation Consultant - Singapore, SIN

Logistics Manager - Regensburg, GER

Launch Manager - Regensburg, GER

Senior Consultant ­ Hanover, GER 

Associate Consultant - Regensburg, GER

Senior Consultant - Regensburg, GER 

Quality Manager - Regensburg, GER 

International Project Manager - Frankfurt, GER 

Consultant Operations Sector - Regensburg, GER

Senior Consultant Operations - Regensburg, GER 

Functional Safety Manager / Consultant - Regensburg, GER

Senior Consultant Supply Chain Operations (SAP) - Frankfurt, GER 

Consultant mit Fokus R&D Prozessexzellenz - Frankfurt, GER

Consultant with Focus on R&D Process Excellence - Regensburg, GER

Consultant, Process Coordination and SAP Implementation - Singapore, SIN

CBC Managing Consultant/ Regional Manager - Auburn Hills, MI, USA

“Starting my business career in the Continental family in 2010 with an apprenticeship, I never expected to be where I am today. By chance my last station of the program in 2013 should be CBC. And this is how I got the chance to grow.

Growth for myself at this point of my life means to gain professional working experience, to take on responsibility as well as to educate myself academically. CBC offers both. The project based work at CBC enables to continuously gain knowledge and gather experiences in different business areas, with different people, from different cultures and to take over responsibility as a full-fledged project member and project lead. As no task is alike, you never stop to develop yourself and prove your abilities. My current focus as a Consultant is the implementation and application of Agile Development Methods throughout the whole corporation.

Broaden my knowledge in academic grades, I found myself in the middle of my bachelor studies when I started my job at CBC. Days started to become longer, but CBC gave me the chance to experience support and flexibility, which was reflected by an adequate environment to combine study and work. For this reason I did not hesitate to follow up with my master degree beside my job, finishing in autumn 2018. I am looking forward to be a part of CBC now and in the future with all its opportunities.”
(Jasmin, Consultant)


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